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This website lets you Store Files on the Stellar blockchain. You may optionally have the website encrypt your files, so they may only be downloaded if the correct password is entered.

You may use this website to Download files from the blockchain, by just clicking a File Description. You don't have to own cryptocurrency, or even know how crypto works.
You can Download a 200k file from the Stellar blockchain in less than 5 seconds.

You can use the Stellar Test Network to experiment without spending any money, or use the Stellar Main Network to make your uploaded files permanent. However, it is much slower to upload files to the Test Network, and the uploaded files are not permanent on the Test Network.

. Reasons to store files on the Blockchain, instead of a conventional website:
  • Files on the blockchain will be accessible forever. If a conventional website ceases to exist, their files will no longer be accessible.
  • Each document is guaranteed to be immutable. Files on the blockchain cannot be altered after they are uploaded.
  • There is no censorship on the blockchain. It is impossible for anyone to remove files that have been uploaded.

Reasons to use Stellar, instead of Bitcoin or Ethereum:
  • Using this website, the fee to upload a 200k file is less than one cent. Bitcoin and Ethereum have much higher transaction fees (up to $20).
  • It only takes 4 minutes to upload 200k to the Stellar blockchain. A Bitcoin or Ethereum transaction can sometimes take hours.

Quick Tour:

Display the Sample File Directory here:

On that page, you can download any of the following files from the Stellar blockchain in less than 10 seconds:
  • The Book of Genesis (from the Bible)
  • The United States Constitution
  • The Declaration of Independence

Upload Files:

You may Upload files from the home page:

Test Network: The checkbox on the upper-left corner of the home page allows you to experiment with all the features using the Stellar Test Network, without spending real money. You may receive 10,000 'play money' XLM coins at the Stellar Laboratory. However, files on the Test Network are not permanent, and they are much slower to upload.

STEP #1: A File Directory Account contains a list of files that have been uploaded. Use your Stellar wallet (or the Stellar Laboratory) to create a new Stellar account that will become a File Directory Account. This account must have at least 3.2 XLM: 1.6 XLM is used for the File Directory Account, and 1.6 XLM is a refundable deposit used to create a File Storage Account.
If you will be uploading a file that is larger than 450k, then you must deposit more (the exact Transaction Cost is shown at STEP #2.)

IMPORTANT: Do not use your existing Stellar account as a File Directory Account. You will need to enter the Private Key of your File Directory Account, so you should create a new account for this purpose, and only transfer the minimum amount (3.2 XLM) to it.

When you enter the valid Private Key of your File Directory Account, and click [Select File Directory Account], an empty File Directory will be displayed at the bottom of the page.

STEP #2: To select a file on your local computer, click the button to the right of Select a File to Upload. The following information will then be shown:
  • Number of bytes to be uploaded: This number is greater than the actual file size, because the program will convert the file to 'base64', which is the format that can be stored on the Stellar blockchain.
  • Number of Transactions required: The program can upload 6,400 bytes to each Stellar Transaction.
  • Upload Time: This estimate assumes that each Transaction will take 6 seconds. If you are using the Test Network, it will be much slower, since the Test Network sometimes requires up to 5 Retries for each Transaction. This is explained below.
  • Transaction Cost: This is the amount that the program will transfer from your File Directory Account, to the newly created File Storage Account, when Step #3 is performed.
  • Transaction Fee: The dropdown on the upper right corner of Step #2 allows you to select the rate that will determine the Transaction Fee.
    Normally, you should not change the Transaction Fee dropdown. The fee of 100 'stroops' (which is 0.00001 XLM) per Transaction is usually sufficient. However, if a network surge occurs, then you may need to increase the Transaction Fee.
    In addition to the Transaction Fee, a refundable 1.5 XLM deposit will also be transferred to the File Storage Account, since that is required to create a new Stellar Data Account.
  • File Description: You must enter a File Description before performing Step #3. This Description will be shown when anyone views your File Directory.

Password Encrypted Files: You may optionally have the program Encrypt the uploaded file, and require that the user enters a Password to download it. To do this, enter a Password in the textbox, re-enter the same Password in the Verify Password textbox, and click the [Encrypt File] button. The uploaded File Size is greatly increased when a file is Encrypted.

STEP #3: Click Create File Storage Account to create a new Stellar account that is used as a File Storage Account. The Transaction Cost shown in Step #2 (after you select a File to Upload) will be transferred to this account.

Deleting a File Storage Account: When the File Storage Account has been created, its Public key and Private key will be shown. If you should ever want to delete a File Storage Account before files have been uploaded (and have your 1.5 XLM deposit refunded to a different account), this website describes How to Merge Multiple Stellar Accounts.

STEP #4: Click Upload to File Storage Account to Upload the File selected in Step #2, to the File Storage Account created in Step #3. After your file has been uploaded, the 1.5 XLM deposit will be refunded, and transferred back to your File Directory Account.

A progress bar will show the upload status. Beneath the progress bar, you can see the estimated remaining time.

Transaction Retries: It is not guaranteed that a Transaction will be processed on the first attempt, especially when using the Test Network.

When a Transaction fails to upload, a message will indicate Network Congestion, and the program continually Retries uploading the Transaction after waiting 5 seconds each time it fails.

When using the Main Network, we did not experience any Retries; every transaction was correctly uploaded on the first attempt. When using the Test Network, the most Retries we experienced for any Transaction was 5 Retries. The program allows for a maximum of 20 Retries, which hopefully will never be necessary.

Public File Directory:

When you enter the Private Key of your File Directory Account in Step #1, the File Directory is shown at the bottom of the page. If you had previously added File Storage Accounts to this File Directory, then they are listed. Any file can be downloaded, by clicking its File Description.

You should copy the Public URL that is shown in the textbox (to the right of the File Directory heading), as that address directly displays your Public File Directory, so anyone can download your files (even if they don't own any cryptocurrency).

The Storage Address column contains a link for each file, which displays information about the Stellar Operations that were created for that file.