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Art: #542901 $1,000,000
Owner: khaaaaan
Music: #367809 $90
Owner: OnlineMidi.com
Lift Off
Art: #338627 $65
Owner: ChatPro.org
The Machine
Music: #309445 $125
Owner: ChatPro.org
Gotta Pee
Art: #280263 $95
Owner: OnlineMidi.com
6th Dimension
Music: #251081 $80
Owner: OnlineMidi.com
Art: #221899 $150
Owner: ChatPro.org
Chain Reaction
Music: #192717 $15
Owner: ChatPro.org
Vinyl Funk
Art: #163535 $30
Owner: OnlineMidi.com
Music: #134353 $40
Owner: OnlineMidi.com
Chase Scene
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A Non-fungible Token (NFT) is like a virtual baseball card that is stored on the blockchain. The creator of the Token can select how many "cards" will be minted. If there is only one unique card, then it might be worth more. An NFT recently sold for $69 million.

This website lets you create, buy, and sell NFT's that can represent Art (a .jpg file), or Music (an .mp3 file). For the same reason that you don't "own" a baseball player by owning their card, you don't own any of the rights to the Art or Music that an NFT represents. You just own the Token for the Art or Music.

For a Token to be offered for sale in the TokenUp Directory, the Token must be held at the TokenUp Escrow Address. You can move your Token to your own blockchain address, but then it will not be offered for sale in the TokenUp Directory.

This website uses xDai instead of Ether.
Ether transactions charge a "gas" price that is determined by "miners" who create the Ether coins. Websites using Ether can charge more than $100 for each NFT transaction.

The xDai coin is always worth approximately one U.S. Dollar, and the gas price is always the absolute minimum. Each xDai transfer only costs $0.000021, so you can perform 1,000 xDai transfers for about 2 cents. To perform 1,000 Ether transfers would currently cost more than $10,000.

To convert USD to xDai: All major crypto exchanges can convert USD to Dai. Use the xDai Bridge to convert Dai to xDai, and perform the Metamask Setup Instructions to view your xDai in Metamask.