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STEP #1: File Directory Account: Use your Stellar wallet (or the Stellar Laboratory) to create a NEW Stellar account, which will be the File Directory Account. Do not use an old Stellar account.
This account must have at least 3.2 XLM: 1.6 XLM is for the File Directory Account, and 1.6 XLM is a refundable deposit to create a File Storage Account. Deposit more for uploads larger than 450k.
Private Key of your File Directory Account:

STEP #2: Select a File to Upload: Transaction Fee (in stroops):

STEP #3:
Click the button above to create a File Storage Account. The Transaction Cost shown in Step #2 (after you select a File to Upload) is transferred to this account. The 1.5 deposit is refunded after the file is uploaded.

STEP #4:
Click the button above to Upload the File selected in Step #2, to the File Storage Account created in Step #3. An entry will be added to the File Directory Account, which will be shown at the bottom of this page.